Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Authour: J.K Rowling

Rating: 10/10

As i am a huge Harry Potter fan i cannot deny that i was very inrtigued to read the seventh and fina instalment of the well known wizarding world book Harry Potter. I can say that i was not disappointed at all when the seventh book was finally published as i found that this was the best book out of al seven.

After Dumbledores tragic and sudden death which turned otu to be all for nothing Harry is left on his own to find the last remaining Horcruxes in order to finally finish Lord Voldemort. With the diary and the ring already destroyed Harry is left to find four more Horcruxes leaving Voldemort to be the last and final one.

At the end of the school year like always Harry returns to number four Privet Drive to his Aunt and Uncles were to his dismay he grew up. But this time its a very short two week visit until he is fetched by the Order of the Phoenix to be brought to Rons home and the Order of the Phoenix headquarters The Burrow.

Here, Harry,Ron and Hermonie start to plan and discuss there adventurous journey in search of the Horcruxes but seens as Mrs.Weasleys holding a wedding there in a few weeks time they are kept busy and barley have time to talk. Then theres an visit from Rufus Scrigmour on the day of Harrys birthday and with him he bares the will and testement of Albus Dumbledore. This leaves them confused and excited about their journey ahead. But there journey begins quciker than they anticipated when unexpected guests arrive at the wedding and they are left to go into hiding quicker then planned.

Youl be reading constantly until you finish as you follow Harry,Ron and Hermonie as they fufill their quest for the Horcruxes. With goblins, diadems, polyjuice potions, wandmakers, enemies and deaths its a very unpredictable book which will have you guessing till the end! Will Harry finally finish of Lord Voldemort? Will he find all the Horcuxes? Of will he choose Hallows over Horcruxes? Read and find outLaughing

I recommed this book for anyone who enjoys Harry Potter books or films or who wants a good page turner:)


Jane Eyre Ch.1-10

Jane Eyre Questions


1.  What is your first impression of Jane Eyre, the character?  Support your points with close reference to the text.

My first impression fo Jane Eyre was that she was a very unfortunate child in that she had to live under the rules of Mrs.Reed a woman who very clearly did not think much of Jane at all. I found that she was very troubled and ignored. While she was living in Gateshead she was treated very differently to the other children and was left on her own without anyone to care for her.

 "You have no business to take our books; you are a dependent, mama says; you have no money; your father left you none; you ought to beg, and not to live here with gentlemen's children like us, and eat the same meals we do, and wear clothes at our mama's expense."

The closet she got to a friend was the worker Bessie who helped Jane and said goodbye as she left Gateshead.I felt sorry for her and how she was treated unfairly! Throughout the first ten chapters there is several points were she is treated unfairly. I felt that she was very unfortunate and was judged on the word of her aunt who really didnt know anything about Jane or her personaliity and made up crude lies about her which she told to Mr.Brocklehurst.

"I should be glad if the superintendent and teachers were requested to keep a strict eye on her, and, above all, to guard against her worst fault, a tendency to deceit. I mention this in your hearing, Jane, that you may not attempt to impose on Mr. Brocklehurst."

When Jane left Gatehead for Lowood she believed that she would be sent to a better place. I myself do not think that Lowood was any better than Gateshead. She was not treated very well in Lowood. All the students were overworked and underfed. But when Jane arrived at Lowood my impression of her changed as she be-friended Helen Burns. I found her less lonely but not less unfortunate. As when Helen Burns dies of cosumption i also feel for Jane as Helen was her first true friend. I still think that Jane had a very unfortunate childhood.

2.  Based on what you have read so far, would you like to live in the world that Jane Eyre inhabits?  Support your answer with close reference to the text.

From reading the first ten chapters of Jane Eyre I am quite certain that i would never like to live in the world that she inhabits! Not only is it an unfair one but it is also nothing like that world we live in today! It just shows us what little luxuries like food and warmth that we take for granted!

Jane is treated very unfairly in both Gateshead and Lowood. I do not think that i would be able to live with being treated as unfairly as Jane is. While she is still in Gateshead she is treated very unfairly but both Mrs.Reed and the children especialyl John. I foudn that when she was sent to the red room that that was the time in Gateshead when she was treated the worst! She was put in the red room were Mr.Reed had died because she had hit John which was unfair as he attacked and taunted her first! I found this very unfair

"Take her away to the red-room, and lock her in there." Four hands were immediately laid upon me, and I was borne upstairs.

She was also treated unfair when she had been at Lowood for three weeks and she accidently dropped her stale while Mr.Brocklehurst was making a visit with his Family to the school. She was singled out and humiliated infront of her new schoolmates and was also called a liar by Mr.Brocklehurst because of what Mrs.Reed had said to him.

"this girl, this child, the native of a Christian land, worse than many a little heathen who says its prayers to Brahma and kneels before Juggernaut -- this girl is -- a liar!"

I found this very unfair as in those days being a liar was a very bad thing and this would have affected Jane making any friends! All in all i would not have liked to have lived in the world that Jane did.


The Scriptwriter!

On the 18th of March our TY class went to see the play "The Scriptwriter" which was preformed in the Solstice Art centre. It was a play designed for Transition Year students! I found this play very interesting and enjoyable! He done various topics about play writing and movie making and also about stereotyped teenagers. It was factual and amusing at the same time! The Preformer was very talented not only on his work that he did but on holding the interest of everyone through a very long preformance single handedly! I really enjoyed it and recommend it for next years TYs.Smile

Book Review

Title: Thanks for the Memories

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Publisher: Harper and Collins

Rating: 9/10

I have read all of Cecelia Aherns book as find that she is a brilliant authour. Her books in my opinion are high standard and i was not disappointed when I read her latest novel "Thanks for the Memories".

How can you know someone you've never met?

Justin Hitchcock is a divored american man living in London with his daughter Bea. His life seems pointless and he begins to grow distant with the world when one day after he has giving his lecture in Arts in Trinity college he donates a pint of blood. He believes he deserves a medal for this and that his donation saved the world, little did he know, he may have just saved his own.

Joyce Conway is a married woman living in Phisboro Dublin. But a slip down the stairs causes her to loose not only her Unborn baby but her husband too. When she awakens in the hospital after loosing a lot of blood she feels different. She cant help the feeling that something has changed. Joyce calls a long awaited divorce with her husband and moves in with her father who is a typical stereotype of an elderly man. While she continues her grieveing over her unborn child the strange feeling that she got when she awakened in the hospital continues. She starts having sudden images of blonde haired girls and picnics in places she never remembers being. This feeling becomes more real when she realises shes able to speak languages shes never learned and when information about art and architecture poor out off her like a book.

When Joyce bumps into an american man she has never met before she has a strangley strong feeling of deja vu and although they have never met she cant help the feeling that they know each other. Justin Hitchcock wonders about the woman he bumped into that he had a weird connection with and begins to become fascinated with the subject. A few more conicidental meetings,phone calls and a not so coincidental trip to London helps the pieces slowly start to come together to solve the puzzle thats constantly on both their minds.

 A great read thats keeps you guessing from start to finish. This book is very easy to read and once you stop you cant put it down!!If you enjoyed Cecelia Aherns other books youll love this one. A must read!!Smile


Where Rainbows End

Title:Where Rainbows End

Author:Cecilia Ahern


This book is very different compared to any other book i have ever read. It is not done in the format of just chapters and pages but is done as emails , instant messages, letters, invitations even greetings and post cards, because of this i found it much easier to read than any ordinary book. The Book is set in Dublin and involves two main characters Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart.Rosie and Alex are best friends and have been through thick and thin together. It begins with an Invitation to Rosies 7th Birthday the book continues on throughout all the ordeals and small talk of their lifes until they are in their elderly age.

From the first chapter in this book you can tell there is a strong bond between Alex and Rosie and as the book progresses the bond becomes clearer. Their bonds stays strong throughout their teenage years but when Alexs new girlfriend Bethany comes on the scene Rosie begins to question their Friendship. When Alex's relationship with Bethany ends their Friendship becomes stronger then ever, Until Alex's dad recieves a Job promotion in Boston and Alex is forced to up route his life before his final year in school.

Although they keep contact Rosie cant help but miss her best friend and decides to attend univesity in Boston just to be closer to Alex. When Alex misses the plane to Rosies debs she is forced to bring Brian the Whine and this decision changes the path of both her and Alex's life forever.When the date passes on which Rosie was ment to arrive in Boston Alex begins to worry and trys to contact his best Fried but Rosie is to ashamed to talk to him.

The book continues on until both Alex and Rosie are Elderly. It contains Marraiges, Birthday Parties, Replacement best Friends, Secret Kisses, Divorces, Feuds and fights,Hotels and Doctors, a Man named Teddy and a couple who are Destined to be together but through all trouble and heartaches it seems that faith has different plans.

 In my opinion the High point of the book(or climax if you prefer) is when Rosie finally finds out what really happened on her sixteenth birthday and that is when she realises who her soulmate really is. Its your basic Love story with a Bit of a twist. At times this book can make you laugh, cry your heart out, smile and can even make you scream the occasionally Waheey.

 It is definatley my favorite book and is an extremley hard book ot put down once you get in to it. A must Read.

 A Tale of True Love and Friendship Smile what more could you ask for??Laughing

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