My first thoughts on Mr Rochester.

I think Mr Rocherster is quite a personall man. He likes to keep to himself and his own thoughts. This could of course be the fact that he only has a child or a old woman to talk to and he doesnt think they are quite interesting. He is quite forward when he does talk and has a manner of power about him. He believes when he tells someone to talk they should talk they should enteratin him or at least let him know what they are thinking. He is quite interested in Jane and finds her intriging. He calls her down one evening to talk wiht her. He asks her to speak to let her take the reins so to speak on the conversation and say what ever she would like to talk about. Jane doesnt speak she instaed asks him to ask her questions and she would answer.

Also i think Mr Rochester is quite intelligent and notices things that others might not. He noticed Jane staring at him and was quiet forward and came right out and asked why she was loking at hiim and did she think he was handsome. He is quite an interesting character and i am looking forward to learning more about him. 


Would i like to live in the world Jane Eyre did?

Personally, no i would defaintly not like to live like Jane Eyre did. She was abused and treated unfairly and what made it worse was that she was so young and could not properly protect herself.

When she was young she lost her parents and was alone in the world without and family. This must have been very hard on her being so young and not having anyone to turn to when she was sad or depressed or unhappy or just wanted someone to talk to. Also when she was young because she had no family she had to live with Mrs.Reed. She was a horrible person to Jane and made it quite clear she did not like Jane. She spoilt her children over Jane and made sure they got everything even though Jane got barely anything. She abused Jane emoitionally and l et her son John abuse her physically by sticking her with a book and slapping her. And even when Jane tried to tell her John easily said it was a lie and Jane was forced into the Red Room.

 Jane was a smart child and she wished for a education. Mrs.Reed i think knew this and becasue she did not like Jane she saw it as a way to get rid of her but just to ruin Janes chance at a somewhat happy time in Lowood she said that Jane was a liar and not to be trusted. This hurt Jane as it was not true and now all the teachers would be warey of her ad watching her becasue they did not trust her. She had to work really hard to prove this wrong and kept her work in school up and on time she practised and improved herself and made sure the teachers knew and was alwas trying to be polite.

 Personally looking through Janes live she continusely had to work to prove herself and she was always being put down and made out that was she wasn't good enough for anything. So no i really would not like to live like Jane Eyre


My first impression of Jane Eyre

My first impression of Jane Eyre was that she is quite an intelligent child. She prefers reading and thinking things out rather than doing what the other children in the house do. She prefers her own company i think and is quite a thoughtfull child. Even though she seems like a quiet indivudail she can most defaintly stand up for herself. When she needs to fight back she can. She demonsatrated this when she fighted with John, he had struck her many time but this time she had fought back! She was sick of being treated so bad and had had enough.

I also think that she has quite an imginative imagination. When she was locked in the 'red room' she worked herself up into a great deal of stress and made herself sick and i think it was becasue she kept imgining what could happen to her in this red room. It also shows that she has a slight position to look at the negative side of things as in the red room she just thought of all the negative things that could happen.

 I think Jane Eyre is also quite a hard worker and an intusiest. She is determined to prove that she is not a liar or someone who deciets people when she goes to Lowood even though Mrs.Reed said she was. She works hard though out all her years there to make up for what Mrs.Reed said and she does accomplish this. She is a hard worker and takes pride in it. She listens and is determioned to improve herself as she is happy to be there even if the school is very strict and not very well coming becasue she wished to have an education when she was younger and she is not going to waste this opportunity.


Book review number .5!

Bitter Chocolate, By Lesley Lokko

Rate: 8/10


In a Nutshell: This book has three stories combined into one. Its based on three girls Laure, Ameline and Melanie. The book is about there lives. How they lead them and what happens.    

Laure is a beautifull young girl who was abondend by her glamorous mother who she can barley remember. And then is abonded again by a young solider she falls in love with when she tells him she is pregnant and is left along to deal with the wrath of her grandmother the only person she has left.

Ameline is caught between the world of servant and mistress. She was brought to Laure's house when she was a baby to give her company. The two girls grew up with each other acting like sisters when allowed because they still have to rememba Laure is above Ameline and must act a certain way when vistors call. But with no family she knows of and no past she years to find a place she can call home.

 Melanie is a rock stars daughter who has anything and everything money can buy except the thing she most craves ; love. She craves her fathers love and attention but cannot seem to get it. She pushes the boundries and tests all those closest to her to see if she can get the one thing she wants.


Personal: I did like this book very much. It ahd so many twists and turns in it that is really did keep you guessing till the end. I enjoy books like this becasue they are not horrible predictable and keeps your interest till the end. I would recommend this to a friend most defiantly.!


Book review number .4!!

The Book Of Lost Things, By John Connolly

Rates: 9/10

In a Nut Shell: This book is about magic. But is a compelte different view of what you thought magic is. This story is about a boy who after his mother dies confinds in spending all his time reading all his books. He depends on them to remember his mother. But when his younger sister is kidnapped by The Crooked Man his life becomes mixed with his imagation yet is scarly real. He must go into this new world to save his sister. The point is though his jounrey is based on all the tales and fairy stories he has ever read but mixed up in a evil way. Snow white is an obese woman who rules the 7 dwarfs the so-called king is fading and keeps his secreats in a mysterious legendary book and David most go through all of these and much more to find the Crooked Man and find his baby sister.

 Personal review: I loved this book. It is one of my favortie books to read. The most famous thing about this book is the riddle in it. They say you have to read it at least 5 times to even understand it let alone answer it. I really enjoyed reading this book and could not put it down. I would recommend it to any of my friends to read.


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