The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Title:The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas

Author:John Boyne


Summary:This book is narrated by and written from the point of view of, the son of a  second world war Nazis Commander.  He and his family are forced to move into the countryside, where only a few miles away is a concentration camp.  Bruno is only nine and he has no idea of the troubles of the World War, happening around him at that time.All he cares about is that he has to move away from Berlin to a place where he has no friends and the only thing interesting there is explorying. He is disgusted!  One day he decides to go and explore his garden, and so, he climbs through a fence in the back garden where  he is forbidden to be and starts walking through a forest.  He walks for what seems like hours, untill he sees something in the distance.  The figure grows bigger and bigger and when he looks properly there is a little boy sitting down on the other side of a fence, dressed in stripped pyjamas.  His name was Shmeaul.  From there the two boys form a strong bond of friendship and share together an experience never to be forgotten.

I loved this book it was a story told from a different side of World War two where two boys from completely different sides of a world war became friends. There was also a lot of truth in the whole book even though the plot was fictional.At a lot of stages in the book it was really hard to put it down and I really liked that as  it makes the whole story more exciting and I wanted to read more every chance I got.I felt completely awful every time I read a passeage of the book and thought to myself "this really did happen to these people" like when Shmeul was beaten up by the Leuitenant and where his family suddenly went missing and he couldn't find them anymore.

The only flaw I seen in the book was the ending.I feel that it would be nice for the readers to know a little bit more about what happened at the very end and after the tragidy.Also for his family to know what had exactly happened to the boys.



Janes life

I know that I would definitley not like to live in a place or lifestyle that Jane lives in.

Firstly she has relatives that absolutly hates her and lets her know it ,she didn't grow up with any friends except her servant Bessie,she had to start Lowood school where the principle thought she was a liar and tell the entire school not to like her but to stay away from her ,had to lose her only friend because of her illness and then stay in the school for eight years which was more time than usual because she thought there after she finished.

Listing all these main events of her life so far I definiltey not want to be in her shoes and live in a habitat like hers.from chapters 1-10 she has had a hard life and I dont think I am as strong hearted and patient with people who treat me as dirt as Jane does.

"Miss Temple,teachers and children,you all see this girl?.................God has grasiously given her the shape that has given us all; no signal deformity points her out as a marked charachter.Who would think the evil one had already found a servant and agent in her?Yet such,I grieve  to say,is the case".


This is just one example to make me feel lucky that this was only a book and also that is was not me in this case.I felt extremly sorry for her when this happened especially when she was only ten at the time!



My view on Jane Eyre as a person.

My view on Jane Eyre so far is that I do feel sorry for  her as she has had a very hard life growing up without any mother or father that was there to take care her but instead she had to grow up with an auntie that resented her and made out to her children that she was not to be treated as well as anyone else.

Jane was ignored ,hated and punished for something that wasnt her fault and so she was locked away in a room up in the attic to keep her away from the rest of her relatives,but I fell that she is a strong hearted girl and has learned to put up with the Reed family and just get on with things.

I think that Jane is quite a clever girl as she  knows that the way she was treated in the Reeds house was not the proper way of being treated.She knows its wrong and even with her growing up with that abuse she knows that it is not right.She trys to defend herself and stand up to Ms Reed.One day when she had an interview with the principle of the school she would attend,Mrs Reed told the man that she was a liar and not to trust her.After that even Jane knew that was wrong and said:

"I am glad you are no relation of mine"

"How dare you you affirm that Jane Eyre?"

"How dare I.....Because it is the truth.You think I have no feelings,and that I can do without one bit of love or kindness,but I cannot live so:and have no pity"

She grows in confidence and becomes more aware that she is lucky that she is leaving the Reed family.

I like Jane so far, she knows when she is right and wrong,she is quite confindent in all the right ways and is not an annyoing charachter.



My book review

A Girl Calles Blue.

Author:   Marita Conlon-McKenna



This book is about a girl called Bernadette,which her friends call her Blue,that lives in an orphanage in Dublin run by strict,non-caring nuns apart from the one nun who is the most caring in the orphanage, that give chores everyday for Blue and the whole orphanage to do.Make rosary beads for the missions,laundry and to look after the babies at the orphanage after a long day at the local school.But these chores were way better than being caught messing and then being whacked with the cane on the hands by the head nun,Sister Regina.

Blue is the type of girl that is not bold but when she does get giddy or start messing she will get into trouble.In the book Blue is now twelve and is way to old to be adpoted but still hopes to find a caring family to look after her.She has a few different visits to different families but do not work out in the end.The book is about her life in the orphanage for a few years with all the differents events,outings,holiday and accidents happy times,bad times crying and punishments that she goes through while in the orphanage.In the end Blue finds a way to be happy with having everything she wants.

I would highly recommend this book to any age group.It is a sweet book with also a lot of truth in it.



My second review.




Summary: This book is about a girl called Celia who is adopted by her mum and dad.At the start she is doing her A levels but cannot concentrate, she recently can never stop thinking about her real mum and wants to find her.So she runs out and home,packs her bag and runs away to find her real mum.She has to gather information of where her mum is living and her history because at home all the information of her is she was young when she gave birth to her and her birth certificate.

She meets lots of people during her journey to find her mum.She gets into trouble and mischief ,bad times and good times all through it and its a fun book to read as you never know what will happen yet.

It was enjoyable because it was the type of book i like to read where you never know what will happen.Also some of it was really unrealistic as the things she did ,I don't think you would get away with in the "real world".

I would recommend it to girls my age unless they like something like fantasy because this would not be as thrilling as them.But I think most people would enjoy it.

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