The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Title:The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas

Author:John Boyne


Summary:This book is narrated by and written from the point of view of, the son of a  second world war Nazis Commander.  He and his family are forced to move into the countryside, where only a few miles away is a concentration camp.  Bruno is only nine and he has no idea of the troubles of the World War, happening around him at that time.All he cares about is that he has to move away from Berlin to a place where he has no friends and the only thing interesting there is explorying. He is disgusted!  One day he decides to go and explore his garden, and so, he climbs through a fence in the back garden where  he is forbidden to be and starts walking through a forest.  He walks for what seems like hours, untill he sees something in the distance.  The figure grows bigger and bigger and when he looks properly there is a little boy sitting down on the other side of a fence, dressed in stripped pyjamas.  His name was Shmeaul.  From there the two boys form a strong bond of friendship and share together an experience never to be forgotten.

I loved this book it was a story told from a different side of World War two where two boys from completely different sides of a world war became friends. There was also a lot of truth in the whole book even though the plot was fictional.At a lot of stages in the book it was really hard to put it down and I really liked that as  it makes the whole story more exciting and I wanted to read more every chance I got.I felt completely awful every time I read a passeage of the book and thought to myself "this really did happen to these people" like when Shmeul was beaten up by the Leuitenant and where his family suddenly went missing and he couldn't find them anymore.

The only flaw I seen in the book was the ending.I feel that it would be nice for the readers to know a little bit more about what happened at the very end and after the tragidy.Also for his family to know what had exactly happened to the boys.


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