My First Impression of Mr.Rochester

My first impression of Mr.Rochester was that he was a mysterious and immeasurable character. It is evident from the first time we meet Mr.Rochester, when he has fallen from his horses back that he is a very independant man as he dislikes depending on others for help. He appears to be rather cold-hearted when we see that he shows no affection towards Adéle and its is quite prominent that she absolutly adores him. My first impression of Mr.Rochester was that he was very abrupt and a little obnoxious but as I read on I managed to see some of his good points. He insists on others telling him the honest truth and he does the same in return. I feel that this is a good quality to posess as it islimited and shows a sign of confidence. Therfore, my first impression of Mr.Rochester was that he was dominating and condesending but as the novel went on I managed to see some of his good qualities and I feel that their is hope for him yet.

Jane Eyre Chapter 1 - 10

I must say I am exceedingly greatful for the world in which I live in today and therefore would not like to live in the world that Jane Eyre inhabits. Jane lives in a world where women are supressed, based on their gender alone. There was an astonishly minute number of career opportunities for women in those days. The most common career path in Jane Eyre's time was to become a governess in a house which is precisely what she did. Although the house that Jane was provided work in had its perks, the job in general wouldn't appeal to me whatsoever due to the alienation and desolation of being stuck in a house that you do not own, caring for children. Therefore I would strongly dislike the role of a governess, which was probobly the most customary job for a women in the world that Jane Eyre inhabits. Additionaly, Jane's world would not appeal to me due to the fact that technology was largely unadvanced. The final reason I would not like to live in the world that Jane inhabits is that a full education was uncommon and was not accessible to come by especially for women. To conclude, I would truly disfavour living in the world that Jane inhabits.

Jane Eyre Chapter 1 - 10

My first impression of Jane Eyre was that she was a lonely and deprived child. For the duration of her stay at the cold and miserable dwelling, that is Gateshead, Jane was forced to watch Mrs. Reed's children being unrighteously favouritised, while she was wrongly blamed, locked away in act of punishment and refused acknowledgement of the Reed family. Although Jane grew up in tremendous circumstances, she gained certain interesting qualities while in Gateshead, which I picked up on during the first brawl that we see between Jane and John Reed. John physically abuses Jane for competently unjust reasons and yet the blame is put on her. But she defends her case by methods of verbal abuse and she attempts to fight her case in trying to explain to Mrs. Reed that John was in the wrong. "Wicked and cruel boy...You are like a murderer--you are like a slave-driver--you are like the Roman emperors!" This shows a colossal amount of courage for a young girl, of age ten, to fight for what she believes is right, especially when the opponent is the harsh enemy that is Mrs. Reed. In conclusion, my first impression of Jane Eyre was that she was a companionless, disadvantaged young girl who has superb qualities of courageousness and spirit.

The Scriptwriter

The trip up to the Solstice to see 'The Scriptwriter' on Wednesday 18th was probobly one of the most enjoyable trips that we have gone on as a class so far this year. Although the audience was extremely small due to the cut-backs in the budget the atmosphere in the theatre was outstanding as the laughter from the three classes, that were thouroghly enjoying the show, filled the Solstice Arts Centre. I really felt that the comedian was excellent as he was able to relate to us, the audience, as teenagers and point out the rather humourous things we do everyday. Because the comedian heard the name of a member of the audience, he decided to make practical and absolutly hilarious jokes about him. I thouroghly enjoyed our trip to the Solstice to see 'The Scriptwriter'.

Book Review 3

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Rating: 9/10


'Eclipse' is the third book of the 'Twilight' series cleverly written by talented author Stephenie Meyer. The 'Twilight' series tells the enchanted tale of the love between a vampire and a human. Though the oddly matched pair are irrevocobly in love, they face many dangers and obstacals along their journey to everlasting life together. 'Eclipse' tells the story of only some of these perils in the relationship, yet certainatly suceeds in giving us a highly enjoyable and action-packed read.

                                  Bella Swan lives far from an ordinary life. The endurance of being only human is challenging when you are in love with a vampire. The book begins with Bella discovering another complication to her unordinary life. Jacob, her loyal best friend is also in love with her and no longer makes an effort to painfully disguise his strong emotions towards her. Jacob's life is similar to Edward's in the sense that it is far from ordinary. But his way of life is extremely different. The vampire is designed to kill and feed off humans, but the werewolf's goals are to protect all that is living. Jacob does not only dispise Edward due to his own selfish jealousy, but also because their opposite species are hateful enemies. Jacob does not even sympathise with the fact that Edward has chosen a much more civilised way of life, by his choice to feed off animal blood instead of human blood.

                                 Although Bella does not return Jacob's romantic love for her, she values his friendship greatly and expresses a different type of love for him; a brotherly love. Bella is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship for Jacob. Initially, this descision seems impossible for her. But whan Bella's life becomes endangered, both Edward and Jacob finally agree on one thing. They both want to save her from Victoria, a malicious vampire that seeks revenge on Bella. Edward and Jacob finally try to put their differences aside as they attempt to save Bella.

                               Victoria arrives, fiercly reading for a battle, accompanied by an army of new-born vampires, which are extremely life-threatening and out of control. Edward gathers his vampire family and Jacob rounds up his werewolf brothers as a huge battle takes place over the significant life of one girl. Edward manages to somehow suceed in his battle alone with Victoria and Bella is safe once again. Jacob and Edward, from then on, attempt to be civil to eachother which is all Bella has ever wanted.


I thouroughly enjoyed this book as it is completely filled with excitement. Stephenie Meyer has failed to include a dry moment in the romantic tale of the love triangle that is 'Eclipse'.


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