Jane Eyre

My first impression of Jane Eyre from reading the first few chapters of the novel was that she was stubborn, intelligent, lonely, brave. I got the impression that she is lonely because she has no friends at Gateshead. Mrs Reed and her cousins rarely speak to her and when they do it is mainly to complain about how much of a burden she is. I feel she is brave because of how she stands up to her cousin John Reed who perpetually torments and bullys poor Jane.

"He spent three minutes in thrusting out his tounge at me as far as it could go.."

 Yet she still fights back constantly even though she knows it can only lead to more trouble for her as Mrs Reed would never think ill of her dearest son John doing something so wicked. Jane is courageous and angry she shows her emotions and screams and John Reed when he bullys her,

"Wicked and crule boy!... You are like a murderer.."

 Jane is neglected in Gateshead, when she is locked in the redroom and cries out because she fears she has seen a ghost Mrs Reed locks the door on Jane and her frantic anguishing sobs, she does not care that there could be something wrong, for she cares little of Jane as she is not her own child and feels her a burden on the family. 

Later on in the book however, when Jane attends Lowood school we see that Jane is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She is intellignet and a quick learner. Jane learns to control her temper and get on with her punishment as getting upset would only make such a thing worse in the end. Over the next few chapters we see Jane progress to being a sharp and incisive governess. Jane now knows her place in society and acts her role well. She has matured from a stubborn, outspoken young child into a proper, intelligent young lady.


A Streetcar Named Desire

On the 26th of November our TY class went to the theatre production of A Streetcar Named Desire in the Solstice Arts Centre.

I thought that the stage was laid out very well. The appartment was made really well and I thought it was very impressive that they had managed to make an upstairs aswell which they could actually walk on. The advantage to having such an impressive set was that they didn't actually have to maove it at all during the preformance as the whole play is set inside the appartment. This ment that they could have all the furnishings inside like the beds, fridge tables and chairs. The whole set looked exactly like it was supposed to and I thought they managed to pull the whole thing off really well.The actor playing Blanche DuBois portrayed her perfectly, she had the accent and everything. She was able to portray Blanche's emotions exactly and it was as if she was actually Blanche DuBois. The actor playing Stanley was very impressive. His aggression towards Blanche was very convincing. He was incredible at potraying the dominante male figure and it really showed exactly how Stanley acts. Stella wasn't as impressive as Blanche and Stanley. It was really annoying though at the beginning of Act 2 because Stella is really pregnant even though it's only a month later, that really annoyed me but other than that it was really good. The music really helped to show Blanche's descent into madness. Overall I thought that the whole play was done really well and I couldn't find many faults with it at all.


Book Review


 Title: The Catcher in the Rye

Author: J.D. Salinger

Rating: 8/10

Summary: This book is about a cynical, 16 year old boy named Holden Caulfield. Holden has just been expelled from yet another school and is fearing the return home to his disappointed and angry parents. Instead of returning home immediately Holden decies to spend a few days laying low until his parents have had time to digest the news of his expulsion. After checking himself into one of New York City's less respectable hotles he begins his ever so exciting journey. Having lived in New York for most of his life, Holden knows his way around pretty well, so he had no problem finding entertainment. Although it maybe not the best kind of entertainment, a run in with a prostitute and her greedy manager leaves him a bit shook up.

After breif encounters with some lovely nuns, an old girlfriend, a couple of perverts and a helluva lot of "phonies", Holden decides he's had enough and the only person he can stand to see is his little sister Phoebe. He takes a trip over to his parents appartment in the middle of the night so as not to risk bumbing into his parents. Holden and Phoebe talk for hours but then his parents arrive home so he must leave. Holden decides to go and stay with a past teacher from one of the many schools he attended. Everything seems to be shaping up nicely until something incredibly strange happends. Holden is then left wandering aimlessly throughout the streets of New York. He decides to go to Phoebe's school and tells her that he's leaving to go out West and start a new life as he can't stand anyone anymore. He believes that everyone is always trying to be someone they're not and this annoys him greatly. Everyone he has ever met has been, in his words, "a phoney". Phoebe is upset that her big brother wants to leave and insists on joining him, he refuses to let her though.

This book is very well written as it allows the reader to actually get inside Holden Caulfield's head. We get to see everything from his perspective and know his innermost thoughts and feelings. I really enjoyed reading it and although this book was written in the 1940's it's still very enjoyable and I highly recommend it to everyone. Laughing (Y)


Book Review


Title: Somewhere in Between

Author: Ruth Gilligan

Rating: 2/10

Description: This is a story about twins Alex and Chloe, who, although they're twins each leads a very different life to the other. The story begins with Alex finishing his Leaving Cert. He now fully intends to embrace the summer to it's full potential, unfortunately on the way home from the pub he and his friend Barry are in a terrible car accident. Miraculously Alex manages to get away with only a few cuts and bruises, the same can't be said for Barry who remains in a coma form most of the book. Alex is constantly unaware of how serious Barry's condition is and exclaims that Barry's simply being lazy about the whole thing and he'll wake up when he's ready. As soon as Alex is well enough he gets straight back into the party scene just in time for the Leaving Cert Ball.

His twin sister Chloe's insecurities begin to eat away at her inside, literally. Her weight becomes a very big issue in her life, and her friends worry that she's getting too thin, but Chloe doesn't see thin when she looks in the mirror. Chloe's relationship with her boyfriend Sam is also questioned. It's faltering, especially as he leaves for France for a month. She knows she loves him and that he loves her, but it all begins to get too much for them both. She's afraid their relationship may not survive the summer. She really wants to do Drama in Trinity but her results tell her otherwise. So far, the summer wasn't shaping up to be as perfect as everyone had hoped.

The trip to Ayia Napa promised to bring the escapism that the gang needed after a year of toiling over books and constant revision. The many night-clubs, hundreds of girls wearing practically nothing, perfectly tanned and muscular men in shorts and lots and lots of drink. This promised to be the best trip of a lifetime for Alex and Chloe. But could Chloe enjoy it as much without having Sam there, she promised herself she wouldn't cheat but can she be sure to keep that promise on a very drunken night?

The book ends with a huge emotional event that changes everyone's perspectives on life.

Conclusion: I really didn't like this book as it was incredibly predictable. I could tell exactly what was going to happen to each of the characters. It had some good parts however, so I continued to read it. But I constantly felt that the author was just writing a story that everyone has heard so many times before. It was incredibly obvious as to what was going to happen in the book. Also the layout of the chapters annoyed me as each chapter was from Alex, Chloe's or someone elses point of view. This was annoying because occassionally each person went over the same scene but from a different angle so I felt the story progressed slowly. So I wouldn't really recommend this book to people.


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