Jane Eyre

My first impression of Jane Eyre from reading the first few chapters of the novel was that she was stubborn, intelligent, lonely, brave. I got the impression that she is lonely because she has no friends at Gateshead. Mrs Reed and her cousins rarely speak to her and when they do it is mainly to complain about how much of a burden she is. I feel she is brave because of how she stands up to her cousin John Reed who perpetually torments and bullys poor Jane.

"He spent three minutes in thrusting out his tounge at me as far as it could go.."

 Yet she still fights back constantly even though she knows it can only lead to more trouble for her as Mrs Reed would never think ill of her dearest son John doing something so wicked. Jane is courageous and angry she shows her emotions and screams and John Reed when he bullys her,

"Wicked and crule boy!... You are like a murderer.."

 Jane is neglected in Gateshead, when she is locked in the redroom and cries out because she fears she has seen a ghost Mrs Reed locks the door on Jane and her frantic anguishing sobs, she does not care that there could be something wrong, for she cares little of Jane as she is not her own child and feels her a burden on the family. 

Later on in the book however, when Jane attends Lowood school we see that Jane is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She is intellignet and a quick learner. Jane learns to control her temper and get on with her punishment as getting upset would only make such a thing worse in the end. Over the next few chapters we see Jane progress to being a sharp and incisive governess. Jane now knows her place in society and acts her role well. She has matured from a stubborn, outspoken young child into a proper, intelligent young lady.

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