Die Trying

Author: Lee Child

Title: Die Trying

Genre: Crime

Rating: 9/10


This book is the second in a series of many novels following the brave and courageous Jack Reacher, an ex militiary solidier and investigator. This particular novel sees Reacher tangled up in some extremely serious crime involving a Militia group with ideas of declaring independence in a vast forest space in  a remote area of Montana, USA. Reacher as always is determined to stop the bad guys and be victorious.

 Reacher is merely wandering through the streets of Chicago one afternoon in June, when a woman with a crutch and bags of dry cleaning stumbles in front of him. He helps her with her bags and just as they turn around they are both standing  face to face with  two gun men with guns pointed directly at their stomachs. Reacher knows they are not after him, nobody knew he would be in Chicago, he hadn't even known himself until this morning when he decided this would be a nice place to spend a few days in June and hopped off the bus he'd been travelling on all  night. (The thing is, Reacher doesn't have a home, he has no family and is basically a bit of a  nomad.He carries all his savings around in his pockets and moves from town to town staying in cheap motels.) Therefore, he definitely wasn't who these gunmen were after... So what had this woman done?

Reacher and the woman, (who we later find out is called Holly and is an FBI agent), are shoved into the back of a plain black sedan car and driven away, they are then transferred into a big white panel truck and left in the back for hours, which then turn into days while the truck never stops for a moment except to fill up on petrol. On this journey, Reacher and Holly get to know each other a little, neither one of them reveals too much to the other. However, we do find out one of the reasons why Holly may have been kidnapped - because of who her father is and who her Godfather is... This mysteriously makes her an asset to the militia group!

When their long tedious journey in the back of the truck finally comes to an end , Holly is taken by ruhtless and brutal militia men and locked away in a room with no windows and there's only a door handle on the outside, basically it is completely impossible to get out of. The militia men then return to Reacher assuming they'll kill him and that'll be the end of it. They were not prepared for what really happened at all.

 Throughout the book, we see Reacher desperately trying to free Holly from the room with a little help from her FBI friends. Reacher is continually under estimated and mis judged, which I feel may just benefit him in the long run.

An amazing story of mistaken identity and coincidence, in which it is impossible not to love the lead character, Jack Reacher.

All in all, I thought that the book was excellent, with an extremely fast plot and lots of little twists that made it so irresistable. It truly was almost impossible to put down.

I loved it.

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