The script writer

On wednesday the 18th of March we went to the Solstice to see a play called `THE SCRIPT WRITER`.   I didn`t expect him to be like what he was at all. I kind of thought it would be reallly boring and I didn`t want to go at all. However I was mistaken. It was brilliant. He was a stand up comedian who went on and on about different things. He talked about stuff that related to us teenagers in the audience extremely and made it sooo funny. I was laughing all the time. St. Pats T.Ys were there also and they loved it. The comedian was very good on his feet and made fun of different people in the audience he had been watching before the show started.  He basically told us what were like from an oustiders point of view and made it hilarious. I would definetly go back to see him without a doubt.




First impressions of Mr. Rochestor.

We first meet Mr. Rochestor in chapters 12 and 13 . I disliked him straight away, I knew there was something weird about him.  The first impressions I got of Mr. Rochestor was that he was a, Dark, weird, really passionate , ugly man. At the start he plays hard to get with Jane lets just say , because he doesn`t tell her his name and this leaves her eager to find out about this mysterious man who is after coming into her life.  Himself and Jane started off on a bad patch. He accused her of making  the horse which he was riding fall to the ground and calls her ugly , no the prettiest of all the women he has seen in his life. Jane is in love with him now and my impressions of him now are slightly confused because he  has just proposed to her and he is in love  with her..apparently. However I`m not too sure. I think something bad is going to happen but I just dont know yet. I think because that tree split in half that Jane is going to be heartbroken. That`s what my gut tells me anyway. He has alot of mixed emotions like awhile ago before he new Jane he was calling her ugly and now he keeps making flirtatious comments and complimenting her  about  weird things  every two seconds. I feel everything he says he means because it`s too weird for him to say such random things and not mean it . He is very intelligent and knows what he is doing.  I don`t know what he is going to do next but we will soon find out.



Jane Eyre Question

My first impressions of Jane Eyre from chapters 1-10 are that she is  first-person narrative in the story , a small, plain-faced, intelligent and honest English orphan.

          She is a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life. As I read the first few chapters I came to terms with her being  a very independent woman. My reason`s for thinking this is she take`s everything on the chin and deal`s with it. For example when she is being treated cruely  by the teachers for no reason, living in Gateshead being teased constantly.     

One specific time in the story that made me feel like I would hate to live the life of Jane was when she had to stand infront of the whole school and could not move because she would get in trouble. She was put there because Mr. Brocklehurst said she was  an ill deserving and devil child for being rude to Mrs.Reed for the period of time Jane stayed with her in her home . While Jane stayed with Mrs.Reed she was treated horribly. She was locked in rooms and Jane went mad she was in for that long of a time. Mrs. Reed told  Mr. Brocklehurst that she was rude and had no respect and he put her standing where every pupil could see to shame her. He tells the class and the teachers that Jane is a castaway, and that they should shun her example and exclude her, as he learned from that she is deceitful.  Mr. Brocklehurst left  the room, and Jane stood on the stool for half an hour.  She was only able to stand on it  because she saw  Helen and her smile looking at her  and she knows she did nothing wrong...

 " My dear children , purued the black marble  clergyman with pathos . this is a sad, a melancholy occasion for it becomes my duty  to warn you that this girl , who might be one of gods own lamb`s is a little castaway- not a member of the true flock , but evidently an interloper and an alien.

We always knew Jane was an independant woman however in chapters 10-11 she grows up and matures more as a young sharp woman. She  concentrates in school and becomes a governess which is pretty random because it is a servant or slave lets say for a family but she has every right  to do what she wants.

 To conclude these are my impressions of Jane Eyre From chapters 1-10 and  one reason why I would hate to live her life.





A streetcar Named Desire, Tennesse Williams

Title: A Streetcar Named Desire.

Author: Tennessee Williams.

Time: 2 hrs                


On Nov the 26th Myself and the rest of the   T.y`s went to A Streetcar Named Desire in the Solstice.  I found it a really good well acted play. It was a bit long but still enjoyable.


Props + Stage: I thought the stage itself was brilliant it had the downstairs and upstairs which were in the play and it worked brilliantly. It was exactly like what was read in the play but even better. As I read the play I found it slightly boring but when you go and see it in action in real life it’s brilliant.

Everything suited the time frame that the play was in.  The props in plays are very important; there is no play without props. This play would have been dead without props . The props were moved by the prop people very well taking into consideration everything was moved in the dark.

I thought the whole setting was brilliant and everything was laid out in front of you. We didn’t have to go looking for things to understand what the character was talking about or anything of that sort.

Actors: Wow!!! The actors were AMAZING I thought. In my opinion Blanche Du Bois was the best. There are so many lines for her character and she nailed it. I felt like she was the real person. She was really good. Her emotions were really done and it was like it had happened to her.

The other characters Mitch, Stanley, Stella were also really good and managed all there lines and scenes perfectly! There was not one hiccup which made us enjoy it more.Cool


They were all high class characters and I would definitely pay to go see them act different plays again.


Music: The music was quite good. The music that was running around Blanches head was so irritating I just wanted to walk out. Although  it made me pity her more, get  in touch with her and see where she was coming from. It was like an ice cream van that’s the only thing so it kind of made me distracted for awhile.


I found the first half enjoyable but very long. That would be my only fault with the play because the second half more interesting things happened and it felt like it went quicker.

That’s it I couldn’t really say anything bad about it other than that. Overall I enjoyed it.




Being her sister- Claire Hennesy

Title:Being her sister

Author:Claire Hennesy


 I don`t normally read book`s but I thought this book was really good . It was hard to put down. Its not too sophisticated or childish  it was just right. This book is narrated by Danielle who is a pretty,popular, the girl who every boy wants. Some may say that she has a good life but she gets it hard at home. Being told to be more like her studious sister Rachel. Rachel gets jealous of Danielle alot and likes to be in the limelight of everything as much as her sister does. It all shakes up when Rachel starts to hang around with Danielles Friends. You could only imagine the war that happens between them and all the arguements they have between eachother. This book is full of surprises. I feel myself that the last few chapters are the best. I would give it 8/10. Read it!


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