Mr. Rochester

I quite like the character of Mr. Rochester, I feel he is refreshingly direct in speech, cultured and captivatingly charismatic.

Nowadays, very few people speak exactly what is on their minds and express their true opinions. Therefore, I find Mr. Rochester's bluntness and extreme honesty refreshing! He does not establish false facades of admiration or awe, as many would when shown one's artwork. He simply expresses his sentiments in a concise and blatant manner. I feel this is a positive character trait.

It is very clear from what we have read of him thus far that Mr. Rochester is a well-educated and cultured man. He obviously possesses exponnential expertise in a wide variety of areas in life such as Art, Music, Literature and International Cultures. This broad range of knowledge, I feel, invests me with a certainty of Mr. Rochester's fulfillment of the adjective 'cultured'.

Though perhaps it is not so blatant in the novel so far, I believe Mr. Rochester embodies the defintion of 'charismatic'. He captivates and interests his listener to the point where they cannot draw their eyes away from him and would never dare to interrupt him.

In conclusion, for the afore-mentioned reasons, I enjoy learning more and more about the enigmatic character of Mr. Edward Rochester.


Jane Eyre: Chapters 1-10

My first impression of the character of Jane Eyre is a wholly positive one. I find her quite eloquent in speech, passionate and friendly.

On many occasions throughout the novel thus far, she has displayed her intelligence both in speech and thought. She expresses her sentiments and opinions in an articulate manner. This conveys her exponential intellect and knowledge. The fact that she has managed to better her mind in such tough conditions is, I feel, a significant indication as to the strength of Jane's character.

Jane's passion and resistant nature is evident on two principle occasions in the first section of the novel. The first of which is when she overhears her aunt professing to her children that they should not associate with their dependant cousin. Jane retaliates by shouting down to her aunt, "They are not fit to associate with me." The other occasion on which Jane's resistance makes an appearance occurs on her last night in the Reed household. She vents ten years of accumulated resentment and anger in a vicious tirade against Mrs. Reed, "I am glad you are no relation of mine...the very thought of you makes me sick..."

Jane's friendly nature, though existent, is little seen due to the severe lack of contemporaries willing to reciprocate her efforts. However, we see her sociable nature when she approaches Helen Burns at Lowood and questions her on her reading material. "Is your book interesting?"

In conclusion, I find Jane a very interesting character. She is undeniably intelligent, occasionally passionate and sometimes sociable.

Yes, I would like to live in the world that Jane inhabits. Because of her unfortunate situation in life, we do not witness the perks that Jane's world possesses over ours. However, I would like to live in Jane Eyre's world because of the language they use in speech and courtship and marital traditions.

I find the olden usage of language much more attractive than our modern manner of speech. I feel I would enjoy conversing and speaking more eloquently as is done in this book. The way in which we speak is appalling when compared to the technical sentence structures, rambling speeches and large words of Jane's day. We can find examples of this in many of Helen Burns' speeches, especially those towards the denouement of Chapter six.

I feel that the courtship traditions of Jane's time were much simpler than those which we experience. It was much easier to a husband! People generally married younger and women who had married well usually remained in the home for the rest of their lives. In contrast to the hectic lifestyles of today this appeals to me!

To conclude, I would enjoy to live in Jane's time because of the beauty of their language usage and their traditions in marriage!

The Scriptwriter

I did not know what to expect of our recent visit to the Solstice, I was more focused on the Gaeltacht afterwards! However the "play" in the Solstice proved to be a source of extreme enjoyment, it was hilarious! In my opinion, the performer, Ger Carey, resembled a stand-up comedian than an actor contrary to his own claims. He spoke on a variety of topics from teenagers, to acting, to film-making all in a new, interesting and exciting way. I feel I gained quite a lot of knowledge from his performance. The fact that he maintained the attention of a huge audience of teenage students displays the true extent of his performing and teaching capabilities! It was a very enjoyable couple of hours! =]

The Lonesome West

Title: The Lonesome West


Author:  Martin McDonagh


Rating: 5/10


This is a very unusual, but quite controversial drama written in a witty and edgy manner. It takes a shocking look at the state of Irish family values, or rather the lack of them. It outlines the dangerously tempestuous relationship between fathers, sons and brothers in Ireland's rural West. This play displays to the reader the severe, yet often overlooked, dangers of living in rural Irish villages.

For these brothers, there is no escape from their hopeless lifestyle. The only piece of excitement in their lives is the occasional flirt with a local sixteen year old girl, Girleen. The playwright utilizes existentialism to convey the complete and utter lack of ambition in these two brothers. This play is extremely depressing because, frankly, its a very true reflection of reality. Although we may not find this level of intense hatred and contempt between families very often, it does exist and the playwright expresses it perfectly through "The Lonesome West".

This drama reminded me hugely of the film "Garage" starring Pat Shortt, as it portrays the same theme and has a similar regretful tone.

Though I found this to be a very well-written play, I did not enjoy reading it very much. This was primarily due to my inability to relate to the characters, as they were in the form of two old men!


A Streetcar Named Desire

I thoroughly enjoyed the enactment of "A Streetcar Named Desire" which we attended recently.

I felt that the play remained very true to Tenessee William's original version. This meant that we already had a large amount of knowledge on the plot and characters portrayed.

The stage reflected the lazy New Orleans atmosphere of the Kowalski home very well. It was just as I had previously imagined, compact and slightly untidy. The contasting, busy designs and patterns matched the unsuitable and mismatched marriage between an animalistic "Polack" and a well-bred lady. An extensive number of various props were clearly gathered for the production of this play, and this was very effective in painting a realistic picture of Stanley and Stella's home. A huge amount of thought obviously went into the layout and placement of each individual item. This was certainly not lost on the audience.

I believe that the acting standard was extremely high in this play. The actress who played the part of Blanche DuBois was, in my opinion, perfectly suited to the momentous role. She captured Blanche's anxiety and jumpiness, so she was very believable as the character. The actress's performance, for me, wholly eclipsed that of all others in the play though they were all good actors also.

Though not a musical, music plays a prominent part in setting the tone for the various happenings and goings-on which follow. As the play continues, we learn that the tone of the music represents the tone of the following scene. For instance, before "The Poker Night" scene, dark sinister music envelops the theatre. This provides a subtle clue to the audience that something important is going to happen, which, indeed, it does. This is true for many scenes in the play.

In conclusion, I found both reading and observing this play in action exciting and interesting. I thought that the play was, perhaps, slightly too long and that the one same set became quite boring after a while. A change of scenery would have been extremely welcome, though I am aware that this was out of the power of the production team. I found the complexity and realism of the characters intriguing. I also enjoyed attempting to anticipate the actions and reactions of the characters. Overall, I immensely enjoyed carrying out work on this play and felt that seeing it being acted out brought the characters to a new level of realism.

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