Mr Rochester.

My thoughts on Mr Rochester is that he is friendly and humble towards Jane Eyre.

                    "Mr Rochester would be glad if you and your pupil would take tea with him in the drawing room..." 

He has high standards,posh as Jane must change her clothes when she is dining with Mr Rochester.

                      "Is it necessary to change my frock?" "Yes, you had better. I always dress for the evening when Mr Rochester is here."

Mr Rochester is unfriendly and rude, he has a sudden change of mood. At first he was kind and friendly and now he is rude.  

                 "...bit it appeared he was not in the mood to notice us, for he never lifted his head as we approached"    "...he is very changeful and abrupt".

The landlord is intrusive,inquisitive as he asks many personal questions about Jane Eyre.

               " And your home?" "I have none"   "Who recommended you to come here?".

Mr Rochester is not afraid to speak his mind,opinionated as he says to Jane that she is not very good at playing the piano.

            "...perhaps rather better than some but,not well."

In conclusion I believe Mr Rochester has two sides of a personality, very wealthy and inquisitive.  




The Scriptwriter.

On the 18th of March our TY class went to see the play "The Scriptwriter". There was three schools at the play all together, Loreto, St. Pats and Beaufort. I really enjoyed it as the comedian was very funny. He related to teenagers and how teenagers act in life. Everyone in the Solstice found this hilarious, he made many jokes about teenagers. The one thing that I didn't like about the play was it was too long and I found myseilf losing interest in the play at the end. Overall I thought it was a great play and I would recommend for teenagers to go and see it.   


A Book Report!!

Name of Book: "Memories".

Author: Claire Hennessy.

Publisher: Poolbeg.

Rating: 7/10.

It is about two sisters Danielle and Rachel who are starting Transition Year together. Both of them get on well together. Nicole is dissapointed that the Summer is over. Eveyone is back to school. Mark, Daniellle's ex boyfriend friend Adam likes Rachel. Rachel believes all her friends are so much prettier than her. She wants to lose weight and become thin. As she believes she will become more confident and will fit in with people in her class. Danielle is getting jealous as she thinks Mark likes Nicole.

                  Rachel eats four bars of chocolate and then after she goes to the bathroom and makes herself sick. She continues to do this and she feels very guilty. Danielle is still madly in love with her ex-boyfriend Mark. The Junior Cert results are out. Danielle, Rachel, Naomi, Nicole and Caitlín do very well in their exams. That night all the girls go to a disco. Nicole is very drunk and she kisses Mark. Danielle is very annoyed with her and she starts to cry. Danielle is getting very worried about Rachel as she is not eating. Rachel will not tell anyone that she is bulimic.

                Nicole's friends are not talking to her so she decides not to go into school and instead she goes shopping in Town. Danielle finds out what is wrong with Rachel and she is shocked. It is all getting too much for Nicole and she tries to commit suicide by taking an overdose of tablets. Danielle tells Naomi and Michelle what is wrong with Rachel and they said they must talk to her to help her through the problem.

                   Danielle and Rachel found out that Nicole tried to commit suicide. Both of them break down into tears. Rachel goes to see her in the hospital. When Rachel visits her, she realises how important life is and she makes a decision to stop her disgusting habit. She says quietly to herself "I am not fat". Danielle comes to her senses and talks to Nicole after their fight. Adam really likes Rachel. Everything is back to normal.

                        In conclusion I thought it was a good book, however I believe it got a bit boring in some parts of the story. It was an enjoyable read.





"Being Her Sister"

Name of Book: "Being Her Sister"

Author: Claire Hennessy.

Publisher: Poolbeg Press LTD.

Rating: 8/10


A girl called Danielle is jealous of her sister Rachel who is twelve years old and she is fourteen. Rachel is very smart and is in second year in a posh girls secondary school. While Danielle is in second year in a community school. Rachel does always so much better in her exams than Danielle. Rachel thinks that Danielle is so much prettier than her. Danielle thinks different. Rachel gets annoyed with her Mum as she expects she will do brilliant in every exam for example, Rachel got 90% in her french test and her Mum said that she could do better and she was dissapointed in her result.

Danielle asks her sister Rachel would she like to go to her Christmas school disco as Rachel could not get a lift to her school disco. Rachel was delighted and could not wait to go. Danielle sets Mark her friend up with Rachel to dance with at the disco. Rachel is so happy that she is going to dance with Mark at the disco. Rachel is becoming close friends with Danielle's friends, she is getting jealous.

The night of the disco Rachel is so excited, she kisses Mark and she really likes him. She hopes he likes her too. Danielle is jealous as she realises that she likes him too. She advises her Mum that Rachel should not go to the New Years Eve disco as she is too young. Mum agrees and does not allow her to go. Danielle now thinks that she will get Mark. Mark gives Rachel and Danielle a Christmas present.

Danielle tells Mark that she loves him and he said he does too. Mark tells Rachel that they should not go out anymore. Rachel is so upset and was not talking to her sister Danielle. She then realised she liked this boy called Eric, and she wasn't as upset.

In conclusion I found this an enjoyable, exciting and an interesting book. It was stimulating as you did not want to stop reading it. However I believe it is for younger readers at the age of twelve to fourteen.


Review on "A Streetcar Named Desire"

On the 26th of November, our TY class went to see the play "A Streetcar Named Desire" written by Tennessee Williams, this play represents love. The play took place in the Solstice Theatre, it begun at eight o' clock and finished at half eleven. Our class had read "A Streetcar Named Desire" before we decided to go and see it. Reading the play before hand gave us a good insight of what the play would entail. I was really looking foward to seeing the play, to see the actors in the play and I wanted to recognise the difference or similarity in how they would play or represent the characters in the play which we read in class.

                           The play "A Streetcar Named Desire", firstly in my review I would like to comment on the stage and props. I believe the stage was of perfect size as the setting of the play is where Stanley and Stella Kowalski lived, in the downstairs of an apartment which consisted of two rooms. The props were very good and it was exactly what I imagined to see in the apartment for example the curtains which seperated the two rooms. Blanche's clothes and jewellery. Feathers, furs, a solid-gold dress, fox-pieces, pearls and gold braclets. Also the old telephone and dressing-table in the bedroom.

                          The actors in the play which took place in the Solstice Theatre were excellent. However if I had to choose I believe the best actors on the night were Stanley and Blanche. They stood out to me as they put on very good accents and Stanley was very good at being animal like and powerful while Blanche was dramatic, fragile and delicate.

                     The music was good as in scene one the music of the polka rises up, faint in the distance when Blanche is explaining the boy...the boy died. In scene three when Stanley violently hits Stella the low tone of the clarinet. The music was good as it made the scenes very tense, showing sadness and anger.

                    My overall thoughts and opinions on the play itself was excellent. I believe it was brilliantly acted out and it was very similar to the actions in the play we read. I thought it was interesting and exciting however I would of considered it too long of a play and at times it was a bit boring. I would definately recommend to read and see the play. The type of audience who would enjoy this play the most is teenagers and adults who have an interest in Tennessee William's plays. I would rate this play ten out of ten.       





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