The World Jane Inhabits!

I wouldn’t like to live in the world Jane inhabits because it’s a very simple and naïve world. There is no justice in this world because if there was an argument between a child and an adult the child would be presumed guilty or a liar, like the argument Jane and Mrs Reed and Mr Brocklehurst called Jane a liar.

I also think it naïve as they rely too much on religion because you can be a good person to everybody even if you don’t believe in god but Mr Brocklehurst says Jane has a wicked heart because she doesn’t like the Psalms.

I wouldn’t like to live back then because women couldn’t get many jobs except for governesses and if the didn’t marry they were called spinsters. Jane realises the injustice of the treatment of women and complains about it when she says ‘Women feel just as men feel’.

I also wouldn’t like back then because people who were higher in status were cruel to people who were lower, like in Jane’s school Mr Brocklehurst punished Jane for information that was false and Miss Scatcherd called Helen ‘dirty and disagreeable’ and punished her for being unorganised.

Mostly I would not like to live in this world because it was very unfair and unjust!



My First Impression of Jane!

My first impression of Jane is that she had such a hard life as a child that she wasn’t very in the first few chapters. I don’t think she could’ve been happy living in Gateshead Hall when John Reed, her cousin was throwing a book at her head and bullying her as she was ‘accustomed to his abuse’. She also couldn’t have been happy when she saw Mrs Reed love the other children and she was shown no affection or when Mrs Reed took her son’s side and locked Jane in an empty room.

I also think Jane might be too grown up for her age in the first few chapters. She has had to deal with so much hardship when she was young that she hasn’t had time to enjoy her childhood. I think this has made her angry like the way she fights Mrs Reed, no ten year old I know could make such a good argument or be that angry about something.

I also think she is very unlucky in the first 10 chapters, nothing seems to go very well for her. Her parents have died and so has the uncle that probably would’ve cared for her very well. Mrs Reed is unfair to her and so are her cousins. When she goes to school in Lowood the headmaster makes a fool out of her in front of the whole school. Then she makes really good friends with Helen and then Helen dies.




We went to see a one man show called the ScriptWriter on the 18th of March in the Soltice. The show was a comedy about the process of writing a script and filming movies. The man who wrote it and stared in it described his experiences if being an actor, writer and director bu in a very funny way. He engages  with the audience by describing teenage characters and what we did and because most of the audience were transition year students everyone found it very funny. He also picked students out of the audience and made jokes about what they did! I really enjoyed the show.

Book Review

Name: Teenage Dirtbag Year- Ross O'Carrol Kelly

Authur: Paul Howard

Rating: 9/10

What can I say, hilarious! I am not from Dublin myself but having met quite a few southsiders this book captures the nuances, ideals and down right snobbery of the younger inhabitants of the 'rich' part of our capital to a tee.  You find yourself torn between hating and liking the main character, Ross, usually changing from page to page. Granted Ross is at times an over the top  Rugger playing southsider but at the same time Paul Howard manages to accurately portray the mindset and interaction between these 'privileged' teens. He dazzles mostly with the word perfect dialogue that you can hear on any Dart journey south of Pearse station. The Teenage Dirtbag Years book is about when Ross goes atarts in UCD, we see him failing at this like he does every thing else but it will have you laughing the whole time. Then he goes to America on his J1 with lots of his friends. Here we see him trying to make money and survive but since he is very a typical college student he spends the time in America sleeping all day, drinking all night and looking out for 'birds to score'.  There are a few twists in this book like what happened with Ross and Ross's best friend Christians mother, will Christian find out? It may be slightly over exagerated but the way he talks about girls, drink and college is just brilliant.

Iwould recomend this book to anyone who is not easily offended. But I would recomend you to read the first book from this collectiion first.


My views on reading

I am not that keen on reading. I get very bored when I read sometimes. I do read in summer and at christmas though , when I read I normally read fantasy like Harry Potter i have read all those books and also all the The Cronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. I also like comedy books like the Ross O'Carrol Kelly. I loved P.S. I Love You. These are some of the books I've read and enjoyed!

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