Mr Rochester

We first meet Mr Rochester in chapter 12. He makes his entry into the novel by making us feel dislike towards him. He is mysterious and precipitous as he makes his leave. He makes himself unknown to Jane by not saying his name which left me eager to find out about this anonymous person. At first Mr Rochester is rude towards Jane, accusing her of making the horse he was riding fall. Later back at Millcote he disregards her art work and tells her she is not the prettiest of girls. In between this old fashioned forwardness he shows his deep down kindness but I dislike the fact he has mixed emotions. I grow to like Mr Rochester however; his comments towards Jane become sweeter and flirtatious however still keeping the sarcastic tone of voice. Mr Rochester is an unpredictable man. 


I see a relationship slowly building between him and Jan. Maybe, for Jane this could be some much earned luck she has been waiting for. - "He caught my gaze fastened on his physiognomy ' You examine me Miss Eyre,' said he 'do you think me handsome."


Jane Eyre 1 - 10

1.  What is your first impression of Jane Eyre, the character?  Support your points with close reference to the text.

I first get the impression that Jane Eyre is a quiet and lonely girl living in her ill fated circumstances. However my impressions change as I soon see Jane as an independent young girl who is well able to occupy her time. Unfortunately for Jane her attempts to stay concealed from her aunt and cousins fails every time and even when she hides herself deeply delved into Bewicks - 'History of British Birds' her vicious cousin John Reed finds her of wrongdoing. He calls her 'a rat' and that's not the extent of his abuse towards her, 'You have no business to take our books; you are dependent, mamma says; you have no money; your father left you none; you ought to beg..' Jane reacts to his abusive tone in doing as he asks avoiding anymore complications. Jane is thus a peacekeeper rather then a fight starter.

Jane develops more independence as she matures and grows older. Since beginning her time at Lowood school Jane doesnt fail to impress with her attentiveness and ability to learn faster then the other students. She shows determine when she puts an ad up to be a tutor for a family. Jane shows her self-suffienty here being able to plan her future after she leaves Lowood School.

2.  Based on what you have read so far, would you like to live in the world that Jane Eyre inhabits?  Support your answer with close reference to the text.

We begin meeting Jane Eyre in the early stages of her life where she lives the life of a lonely orphan living with the presence of her neglectful aunt and unpleasant cousins. Jane, not helping the circumstances upon which she comes from is subjected to verbal abuse - ‘you ought to beg', and is often let to consider what life would be like outside Gateshed.  I feel at this point strong warmth towards Jane who bears the nastiness each day brings. She is constantly tormented by her callous cousin Master Reed and always ends up taking the blow physically and verbally. For simply returning the painful punch of her cousin master John Reed she was picked up and brought upstairs to suffer in the eerie 'red-room' upon which is seen as haunted by the ghost of Mr Reed. 'Take her away to the red-room and lock her in there... Four hands were immediately laid upon me, and I was borne upstairs.'

It would seem to me that living in the life that Jane Eyre inhabits would be certainly unpleasant and truly old fashioned in its ways. Although Jane experiences some brighter happenings when she moves to Lowood School, it is still not the pleasant and peaceful setting for a place to be at that time. Jane spends her next years learning and teaching what she has acquired at school. Jane succeeds in impressing the people in her new profession at Millcote. We are left at chapter 14 feeling hopeful for Jane and her new acquaintance - Mr Rochester.




Title: Twilight

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Rating: 10/10

Summary: It was when I recently went to see "Twilight" the movie that brought great interest upon me to read the book. I had always been confused by the sudden craze it brought among teenage girls when the book was first released but after seeing the movie and reading the first few pages of the book did I then see the addiction and what such an un-put-down-able book it is.

Twilight is written in the perspective of Isabella Swan. We delve into the book seeing through her eyes. She has recently moved from sunny Arizona to live with her father in the small, gloomy town of Forks in the North-West pacific. The thought of having to move to a new place and having to make brand new friends in a new school makes her nervous and uncomfortable as she is not the most outgoing person.

Bella soon makes friends and becomes curious about the family sitting in the corner of the cafeteria. She is instantly intrigued by the boy named Edward who sits among them. She describes him as being utterly beautiful and stunningly attractive. This begins the exciting and suspense taking story of Bella and Edward Cullen's burgeoning relationship. It doesn't take long before Bella finds a dark secret about the Cullen family with the help of Edwards's occasional hints, that the Cullen's are actually vampires. The Cullen's however chose differently to other vampire families, they do not drink human blood but that of animals but neither the less Bella remains un-frightened. Edward thirsts for her blood and he describes her as his brand of heroin. This does not stop the love between the pair.

Twilight sees the couple through hard and good times. Edward is determined to keep Bella safe and he defiantly proves his obligation towards the end of the novel. Edward refuses Bella's desire to become a vampire as he wants her to live her life as a human much to Bella's dismay.

I thought this book was utterly brilliant. It was gripping, enjoyable and easy to read. I was literally glued to every word. I couldn't praise it enough and I would recommend it to anyone. It would appeal more to teenage females then males. I am eager to devour the next 3 novels.


A Streetcar Named Desire

defaultTitle: A Streetcar named Desire

Playwright: Tennessee Williams

Rating on theatre production: 9/10


Wednesday last my class and I went to se the theatre production of A Streetcar named desire which was preformed in The Solstice theatre in Navan.

I thought that the production of "A Streetcar named Desire" was brilliant. When the curtains drew back, It showed a well prepared setting and not to mention very lifelike. I particulary liked the fact that the setting was of the house where Stella and Stanley Kowalski were living. The entire play resolves around their house so it is important to have an excellent stage. It certainly delivered that. I also liked the way the upstairs of the house where Eunice lived was shown as well as the porch. The whole stage perfectly matched the play's description of the setting.

The cast of Stanley, Stella and Blanche play a important role in "A Streetcar named desire". I feel that the acting in the performance was very professional. I thought that the actress who played the role of Blanche DeBois was incredibly talented in her performance. She acted so naturally yet delivered drama and suspence when it was important. Stanley also gave a great show. My perpective of the characters changed after seeing the play. Stanley's character was surely hated from his animal like behaviour and disrespect to his wife, Stella. I had sympathy for Blanche which I didn't when listening to the play in class. The actress who performed Stella did a good job in playing that role. Seeing the actors on stage gave me a better insight into each character.

 The music added to the drama of the play. The blue piano played on cue with the book. The polka tune which Blanche had stuck in her head followed by the loud gun shot was certainly obvious and it added to the understanding of the play.

 I thrououghly enjoyed the theatrical production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I would however like to comment on the fact that the play was dragged out. It went on for 3 and half hours! It did stick exactly to the playwright directions but having it that long certainly loses the interest of the audience. I decided to award the show 8.5/10. Docking the 1.5 mark for the lenghty time it took. I would definatly reccommend the play to go see.Smile


The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Title: The Boy in the striped Pyjamas

Author: John Boyne

Rating: 9/10


We begin this book by meeting Bruno, a nine year old boy, who brings us on a journey into Germany during world war 2 and gives us an account through the eyes of a child.

Bruno is a young German boy living Berlin. His father is very prosperous and provides his family with a five-storey house in a safe secured environment. The story is set in Germany where world war 2 is taking place. Bruno is unaware of this fact and much of the enjoyment from the book is of Bruno's mishaps. Bruno describes every detail vividly making us, the reader see whats occurring clearly.

He dearly misses his old home in Berlin where he had his friends and the place wasn't so strange and creepy. His room is too small for exploration (one of Bruno's favourite pastimes) unlike his old home where there was always a room to explore.

Soon after the beginning this book Bruno and his family suddenly move from their home in Berlin to "Out-With" (Auschwitz). Bruno is angered and confused at his father's decision to move. He blames it on "The Fury" (Hitler) who had came for dinner in weeks previously. Bruno dislikes the marching German soldiers who surround his new house which he finds intimidating especially lieutenant cottler who always seems to spit out nasty words, ones that Bruno can not even say at the people in the striped pyjamas. From his bedroom window Bruno can see a large fence and beyond that fence he sees many people dressed in "striped pyjamas". Even "the hopeless case", his sister Gretel, does not inform Bruno what is happening and leaves him confused and frustrated. When his parents get a tutor to help them with their studies Bruno becomes bored of continuous social science which they must learn and decides to focus his studies on what lies behind the fence and why those people are wearing the same striped pyjamas. So one afternoon Bruno begins his journey deeper into the meaning of this horrible place.

When he reaches the fence he meets another young boy the same age called Shmuel. Shmuel also wears the striped pyjamas. He informs Bruno that the people wearing the striped pyjamas are called Jews and they have been sent to live in this concentration camp. Each day Bruno comes to visit Shmuel and they soon become close friends. Their remarkable relationship grows and they soon find that they are very similar. The only difference is the fence that divides the new friends.

Throughout the book we here about life in the concentration camp from both views until the end when we are shocked and dismayed about what is about to happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book. This book is extremely well-written that it kept me glued to every word. I found it hard to put down. I gave this book 9/10 as I found that it took quite long to get the story started but other then that an excellent read!

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