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!!!!!!BRONAGH'S BLOG!!!!!!

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Title:The Boy in The Striped PyjamasAuthor:John BoyneRating:9.5/10Summary:This book is narrated by and written from the point of view of, the son of a second worl...more

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Book Review No 1 =)

Title: Summer Of My German Soldier Author: Bette GreeneRating: 8/10Set in Jenk...more

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J3nnII-b@Bii flowerin it up :D

The script writer

On wednesday the 18th of March we went to the Solstice to see a play called `THE SCRIPT WRITER`. I didn`t expect him to be like what he was at all. I kind of thought it would be real...more

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Hannah's Blog

Die Trying

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* c i @ r @ ' $ ~ b ! o g *

My First Impression of Mr.Rochester

My first impression of Mr.Rochester was that he was a mysterious and immeasurable character. It is evident from the first time we meet Mr.Rochester, when he has fallen from his horses back that ...more

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Mr. Rochester

I quite like the character of Mr. Rochester, I feel he is refreshingly direct in speech, cultured and captivatingly charismatic.Nowadays, very few people speak exactly what is on their mi...more

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TiLLy'S bLoG!!

Mr Rochester

We first meet Mr Rochester in chapter 12. He makes his entry into the novel by making us feel dislike towards him. He is mysterious and precipitous as he makes his leave. He...more

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*BrOnAgH's BrIlLiAnT BoOkS*

My first thoughts on Mr Rochester.

I think Mr Rocherster is quite a personall man. He likes to keep to himself and his own thoughts. This could of course be the fact that he only has a child or a old woman to talk to and he doesn...more

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Ѽ Sammie Joe's BLOGTASTIC blog! Ѽ

Mr. Rochester

I think that Mr. Rochester thinks a lot of himself. He likes to order everyone around and doesn t have very good manners, though he seems to try to be mannerly when Jane Eyre is around. I thin...more

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Ciara's Creations

Mr. Rochester

My first impression of Mr. Rochester was not a particularly good. He comes across as self-centered, moody, bossy, self-important, not particularly sociable and often overly direct.<...more

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*Rachel's Blog*

My First Impression Of Mr Rochester

My first impression of Mr Rochester is that he is a rather peculiar character. He has a rather honest way of speaking, although this honesty is wont to hurt people s feelings. ...more

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Aoife's Amazing Blog =D

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsAuthour: J.K RowlingRating: 10/10As i am a huge Ha...more

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Nicole's fantastic blog:)

Mr Rochester.

My thoughts on Mr Rochester is that he is friendly and humble towards Jane Eyre. &nbs...more

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Ciaraa's Blogg(:

Jane Eyre

My first impression of Jane Eyre from reading the first few chapters of the novel was that she was stubborn, intelligent, lonely, brave. I got the impression that she is lonely because she has n...more

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by: Jenny


Mr Rochester

Firstly, congratulations to all of you on your fascinating answers to the questions so far on Jane Eyre . I have to say that it is so refre...more

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Ash's Blog!

2. Based on what you have read, would you like to live in the world Jane inhabits?

From what I have read, I would not have liked to have lived in a similar position to Jane. The world she inhabits is a world of firm and often unjust authority where she is constantly repre...more

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The World Jane Inhabits!

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