Mr Rochester

Firstly, congratulations to all of you on your fascinating answers to the questions so far on 'Jane Eyre'.  I have to say that it is so refreshing to read your thoughts and insights on the setting and characters without me having to coax or guide you in your answering.  Your standard of answers here shows that all of you have the potential to do extremely well in the Leaving Cert English exam, as a lot of the English paper is all about your own personal opinions.  Well done!  (I just hope that I will be lucky enough to teach some of you next year!!)

 Now, back to business!!!  

Some of you have posted your thoughts up, if you haven't I would love to hear of your first impressions of Mr Rochester.

Don't be afraid to read other blogs and comment on them...find out what your friends think!

I'm looking forward to reading some more of your thoughts!

Ms O'Sullivan 


Jane Eyre 1 - 10

Hi girls,

Now that we have read up to chapter 10, I want you to reflect on two things:

1.  What is your first impression of Jane Eyre, the character?  Support your points with close reference to the text.

2.  Based on what you have read so far, would you like to live in the world that Jane Eyre inhabits?  Support your answer with close reference to the text.

(Guideline for length of answers - 250 words approx per answer)


This homework assignment is due Friday 25th April.

I look forward to reading your answers....remember to read other answers and comment on them!



Ms O'Sullivan



Visit to Solstice Theatre!

Hello TYs,


I heard that you really enjoyed your experience at the Solstice Theatre on Wednesday. 

I would love you to write a paragraph about your experience there.  (What you liked / disliked etc...)

Please have this posted up by Monday 23rd.

I look foward to reading your thoughts!


- Ms O'Sullivan


A New Year, A New Book To Read!

Hello TYs,

Well now that you have just entered a brand new year I hope you've all made a New Year's Resolution to watch less television and to read more!!

Just to help you on your way, I'd like you to post up your next book review by Friday 31st January. 

Two recommendations that you might be familiar with already:

1.  Twilight

2.  Q&A

Both of these novels have been made into films and are currently in the cinema.  (Q&A has been renamed "Slumdog Millionaire").  The films are good adaptations but as you could probably guess, they are not nearly as good as the novels!  It might be interesting to read the novels and then see the films to make your own judgements!

I look forward to reading your reviews.

Ms O'Sullivan.


"A Streetcar Named Desire"

For your next assignment, please write a review on the theatre production of "A Streetcar Named Desire". 

In your review comment on:

  • stage and props
  • actors
  • music
  • your overall thoughts and opinions on the play itself

(Remember to include both positive and negative thoughts!)


 Please have this completed by Monday 1st December


I look forward to reading your thoughts!

Ms O'Sullivan


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